Product Line

Discover excellence in our product line, from premium Rice, superior Wheat Flour, sweet Sugar to luxurious Canned Foods, all meticulously sourced for quality and satisfaction.


Derived from premier producers in the rice-rich regions of India and Thailand, our rice not only satisfies but exceeds the tastes of global markets. From the aromatic long-grain Basmati to the versatile Non-Basmati varieties, our selection caters to a diverse array of culinary preferences worldwide.

Our commitment extends beyond mere procurement – we meticulously oversee every step of the process, from cultivation to packaging, ensuring that each grain meets stringent quality standards. Despite the challenges posed by market fluctuations and quality control, our experienced team navigates these intricacies with unwavering dedication.

Wheat Flour

Our wheat flour originates from trusted suppliers in Egypt and Turkey, renowned for their superior quality. We serve customers in Africa and the Middle East, providing top-quality wheat flour at competitive prices. 

Driven by a commitment to perfection, we prioritize every aspect of our service, from the sourcing of premium ingredients to the seamless delivery process. Our dedication to providing timely shipments and outstanding customer support sets us apart in the industry, fostering trust and satisfaction among our valued clients.


Expanding our extensive product lineup, our selection of sugar is meticulously chosen for its exceptional purity and irresistible sweetness. Whether destined for culinary creations or industrial applications, our Crystal and Refined sugar consistently upholds the highest standards of quality, guaranteeing utmost satisfaction and dependability.

At Four Aces, we prioritize excellence in every facet of our operations, and our sugar offerings are no exception. Our unwavering dedication to sourcing only the finest sugar ensures that our customers receive nothing but the best, every time.

Canned Food

Expanding our diverse array of canned goods, our selection is meticulously curated to include premium sweet kernel corn, succulent pineapple, and delectable tuna. Handpicked for their exceptional taste and quality, these offerings cater to culinary enthusiasts and discerning chefs alike, whether in home kitchens or professional settings.

At Four Aces, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring that each can of sweet kernel corn, pineapple, and tuna meets stringent criteria for freshness, flavor, and nutritional value. Our commitment to excellence extends from the sourcing of the finest ingredients to the meticulous canning process, guaranteeing that every bite delights the palate and satisfies the senses.
Canned Baby Corn in Brine
Canned Pineapple

Canned Tuna
Canned Sweet Kernel Corn in Brine
Canned Pineapple Pizza Cut
Canned Tropical Fruit Cocktail in Syrup

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