About Us

Elevating supply chain efficiency with innovation and expertise. Driving sustainable growth for lasting value.

About Us

Who We Are

Four Aces Commodities is a rapidly growing company in the agricultural commodity sphere based in Dubai. Established by a dynamic team comprising of seasoned veterans and ambitious young professionals, our mission is to transcend industry standards by elevating efficiency in the supply chain. Our distinctive approach, rooted in a comprehensive risk-based strategy, not only sets us apart but also ensures a robust and resilient supply chain ecosystem. Committed to excellence, we navigate the complexities of the agricultural sector with a vision to drive sustainable growth and create lasting value for our partners and stakeholders. Our multi-national management team collaborates extensively to enhance value addition in commodity supply chain management. This blend of innovation and expertise within our team allow us to bridge the gap between origin and destination with optimum efficiency in supply chain management.

Transforming Commodities into Global Brands

Embark on a journey with Four Aces Commodities, where we transform the traditional agricultural commodity supply chain. We efficiently transform commodities into globally recognized brands, adopting a seamless and risk-aware approach in supply chain management. Specializing in agricultural commodity trading, primarily Rice and Sugar, we guarantee top-quality products sourced through our established partnerships and our long-standing presence in India, Thailand and Brazil. Committed to seamless logistics and shipping, we deliver cost-effectively to clients around the world with a primary focus on African markets in addition to the Southeast Asian region. Join us for utmost excellence in commodity trading.

Meet Our Management Team

Amit Chaudhry

Chief Executive Officer

A Supply Chain Specialist, Risk Management Expert and a Gafta Qualified Arbitrator with over 20 years of experience in Agro- commodity trading and supply chain management

Sirasate Chaikul

Managing Director - Thailand

A prominent trader with over two decades of experience in the food and beverage industry having in-depth knowledge in the South East Asian market

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